“We just can’t say enough about how much we like our house. Our things show better. People say, “It’s you. It’s wonderful.” We hear superlatives. It’s real rather than being meaningless. Our new house, smaller than our old one, doesn’t feel small. Everyone should be so lucky to have a house like this.”

It’s not as much as what you do but leading someone (us) through the process about what we want to do.  Listening between the lines of what we say.  That was so important to us.

The more you know about the past, the more you realize that there is little comfort in extremes.  The enduring interiors are often the under decorated one, and maybe even the “under decorated” one–the rooms where somebody tried less to create a “look”, than just be themselves.    –A  Beautiful Quote from the New York Times Style Magazine, coinciding with an identical conversation here.

“Doing something unusual and out of the ordinary with homes. Balancing and making them more rewarding. Thank you for being on point for us.”

“We find our home becoming increasingly lovely, becoming what is potentially whispered of, becoming a peaceful center from which to encounter our world. Indeed, your aim is true! Thank you.”